Jazz District Today

Development Summary:

Major development activity has occurred in the Jazz District since 1997, when the current day redevelopment began in earnest under Mayor Emanuel Cleaver’s administration. Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation has delivered over $70 million in investment in residential and commercial redevelopment projects.

Jazz District Housing:                # Units                          # of Residents

Jazz District Apartments                       78                                       165
Centennial Senior Villa                          46                                        60
Monarch Apartments                            73                                        150
Jazz District Townhomes                      23                                         55
Apartments at Highland Place               22                                        45
Total                                       242                                      475

Development Projects                                      Completed

Number of Projects                                                            17
Total Investment Value                                                  $70,000,000
Area Housing Units                                                           475
Retail Square Feet                                                           30,000
Museum/Arts Square Feet                                                77,000
Parking Spaces                                                                 800

Projects Completed:

Residential Housing
Commercial/retail space white boxing
Streetscape and Infrastructure Improvements
Attucks Parking Lot
18th & Paseo Parking Lot
Jazz District Patio Terrace
18th & Vine Jazz DIstrict Gateway Sign


1. The partnership between the Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation and the Downtown Council to work together to bring additional community and economic development services to build upon the success of the redevelopment effort.

2. The Jazz District Compact, an organization of the key district stakeholders, meets to address the common goals that promote and strengthen the historic Jazz District.

The Future:

The Jazz District is experiencing continued growth while breathing new life into the historic 18th & Vine Jazz District. JDRC has incorporated sustainable growth and green initiatives, using smart growth tools as we undertake redevelopment projects, for both residential and commercial. The Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation continues to transform this historic and cultural neighborhood, while retaining the spirit of the Jazz District heritage!

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