Welcome to the historic 18th & Vine Jazz District!

The Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation is dedicated to the redevelopment of the historic 18th & Vine district as a premier destination. We seek to create a sustainable, economically strong cultural neighborhood where visitors and residents alike can enjoy the uniqueness of the historic 18th & Vine Jazz District.

Through targeted redevelopment, we strive to create a memorable experience for all who live, work or visit the Jazz District. Through collaboration with in district stakeholders and external strategic partners, we seek to preserve this historic cultural neighborhood, rich in the heritage and legacy of Kansas City’s African American traditions.

JDRC advocates for the 18th & Vine Jazz District in ensuring a safe and clean district, promoting cultural tourism and economic redevelopment. Using smart growth principles, we seek to improve accessibility, create and preserve greenspaces, use existing infrastructure and preserve the historic structures in the Jazz District. The legacy of the Jazz District thrives today in the attraction of residents, the establishment of cultural facilities and renewed interest in business location in the Jazz District.

Come to the 18th & Vine Jazz District to experience great dining, fabulous museums, Jazz and Negro Leagues baseball, progressive dance, cultural education and preservation, local businesses and a historic neighborhood! Welcome!

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